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Date and Time stamp on video

Hi I have a Arlo Q I need to capture date and time on the video for legal reasons. Although you can change Epoch naming one at at time and then have to go into the video and rename it might be okay for a couple of videos. BUT when you may have 217 videos renamed to the their Date and Time is not on. That is only one day and I need to do at least a week of recording downloads. Our RACV (Royal Automobile Club) recommended this security to me and I will be having a long discussion on the impracticality of downloading security footage. If this can not be automated in some manner please let me I need to get a system that can have date and time stamp on the video.
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Re: Date and Time stamp on video


If you download the videos in the web client, the downloaded videos will have the date/time imbedded in the video itself. If you use Firefox, it only takes a few seconds to download a whole days worth ov videos. In the Library, click on the word SELECT at the upper right of the screen. To the left of that there will be the words SELECT ALL. Click on that and all the videos should download in just a few seconds. It shouldn't take but a couple of minutes to download a whole week of videos.



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Re: Date and Time stamp on video

Also, I have a Python script which, after a little configuration, downloads all videos from yesterdayand renames them in human-readable form. You can modify the script easily to grab other days if needed. I use it daily for a complete library of what's going on for years. If it sounds like it would be useful, PM me your email address (do NOT post it here) and I'll send it off with directions.

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