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Camera has stopped recordings motion!

Hello, my cameras (I have 2 set up) have stopped recordings motions! It used to record a lot but has not done so, despite active movement, in 5 days! What's going on and how can I fix it?!!!
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Re: Camera has stopped recordings motion!

First, verify they're working.  Are the running man in the cameras tab black or gray? If gray, the camera is disarmed and won't record (although you can still see activity if you subscribe to CVR). Go to the mode tab, choose your system and select Armed.  That should activate the cameras (check the running men) and record motion.  If not, a power cycle may help. 


Also, is this for Q or wireless?  This is the Q section but some folks aren't paying attention.  The difference is significant and some steps in troubleshooting are different.

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Re: Camera has stopped recordings motion!

I would also recommend checking your batteries. One of my cameras stopped recording on motion detection (although it was able to do live view) and it was fixed once I changed the batteries. I think remember there being a post somewhere by Netgear stating they are having some issues with the low battery notification.
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