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Before i could buy, Arlo Q questions

Hi to the community (part 2)


i tried to get some help in the German forum, but nobody reply. That's why i will try it here (as part 2...)


I have a few auestions and based on the answers, i can buy the Arlo Q or not...


  1. can i activate/install cameras without havin a laptop or notebook?
  2. are the cameras reconnecting themself with the base station after a blackout?
  3. can i access live pictures even without movement detection?
  4. can i access the cams with up to six devices (iPads and iPhones?
  5. can i connect three of these devices without being onside?
  6. is the base station a normal router?
  7. the internet speed in the Philippines has an average of 5mbps, is that sufficient?

My situation:

i am renting a house in the Philippines. I am there two times a year for three to four weeks vacation each. 

I have to expect at least one blackout per month.


During vacation i have only my iPad with me, my Macbook will stay at home.

my friend is living in Germany and i would like to give him access to the cams to watch the garden.

i read somewhere that i need the Adobe flash player for the installation/set up but i can't install it on a iPad...

And sorry for my bad English...



Thanks in advance for your feedback




Model: Arlo Q Plus Security Camera with Audio|Ethernet|PoE VMC3040S
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Re: Before i could buy

Your English as as good or better than many English-speakers. Smiley Happy


1) Yes, you can use any device, computer or mobile device, that's on the same WiFi network as the Q.


2) The cameras usually reconnect fine after power loss but there's always a chance of issues. A network switch such as a WeMo to power cycle the Q may be useful. Alternatively, use of a battery backup (UPS) would provide power for many outages if they don't last for days.


3) Yes, live view is always available.


4) The number of devices that could connect to the cameras is unlimited.


5) To connect the cameras to the WiFi requires being onsite with a device that's on the same network. There's no way around that.


6) The Q cameras don't use a base station, just your normal WiFi.


7) It's the UPLOAD speed that's of interest. The official specification is a minimum of 1Mbps. A 5Mbps download speed tends to imply a slow upload speed but that isn't always true. Ask your ISP or run a test with


Giving your friend access is done by using Settings, Grant Access to his email address. Be sure that the emailed instructions are followed closely.


Adobe Flash is not used by the app so there's no need to install it. Only use of a web browser requires Flash.

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