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VMC3040r6 Unstable video

I have had the Arlo Q for a year now. For the past couple of months, I have been encountering difficulties with the quality of the video, coupled with reliability issues. I outline the issues as follows:


  1. It often takes a while for the video to begin streaming on my iPhone/iPad, both running the latest version of iOS.
  2. Once the stream begins, the video is stuttering/jittery and there’s a considerable lag (up to 10 seconds). 
  3. On occasions, the camera just becomes unresponsive and the only way to recover appears to be to physically unplug the cable and reconnect it. Restart commands from the Arlo app do not work.

Some points worth clarifying:

  1. The camera is running the latest firmware (
  2. The connection between the camera and the router is strong, confirmed by a constant blue light on the camera. 

As I have mentioned, these issues have been ongoing since March this year and it is now proving to be rather frustrating as the camera just cannot he relied upon. I wonder if anyone else has encountered these issues and if there is a solution? Any help/advice would be appreciated. 

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Re: VMC3040r6 Unstable video

One of the bugs going on with the Q now ( that I know of ) is the wrong recording time in saved video file.

My Q has been running for over 2 yrs now.


The only thing I can recommend is to 1) move the camera to another location and see if that changes anything 2) attempt a full reset on the camera and re-set it up

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Re: VMC3040r6 Unstable video

Hi TomMac,


Thank you for the response.


I have attempted relocating the camera and a factory reset, but to no avail.


An interesting observation is if I record and watch a saved video, the video is smooth. The issues outlined in this thread appear limited to the live stream.


Any further thoughts?




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Re: VMC3040r6 Unstable video

Regrettably, re-setting the camera to factory settings and relocating it hasn't helped and I continue to experience difficulties with the live feed.


This is my second Arlo Q (first one was returned to Amazon after persistent difficulties in terms of reliability). I am very disappointed in the Arlo Q. I was contemplating adding a few more cameras from the Arlo Pro 2 line, but am now very reluctant to spend any more on Netgear cameras, in light of all the difficulties I have encountered. Moreover, I have serious reservations in recommending Netgear as a brand in the surveillance space to any of my associates.


The camera in question ran out of warranty at the end of April this year and so a claim won't be possible, too, although the problems I have outlined in this post started back in March.


If Netgear is reading this then I would be keen to receive a response that would alleviate the issues I am facing.

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