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Arlo camera not connecting

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I purchased an Arlo-Q from Amazon on 2/3 and set it up the next morning. I loved it because it worked fantastically and gave a clear view of the room I placed it in.

However, I began to have issues by 2/6. It was working when I left for work at 6:30pm, but by the time I got to work it said that it couldn’t connect to the internet. We were having a thunderstorm so I assumed that was the issue. I work overnight shifts, so I thought it would be fine by the time I got home. It wasn’t. I contacted the support team via live chat and it took 45min and approximately 4 hard resets to work again. But, it was working, and I was satisfied.

Today, 2/7, the same issue is occurring. I can’t view a live feed and no motion updates are coming through (I have two dogs). The error message I get now is “The camera failed to connect. Please try again.” I’m very frustrated as I bought this camera because I suspected someone was coming into my apartment and paid over $150.

I don’t know if this is a common issue or if I just got a bad device. It seemed to have good reviews when I bought it. Does anyone have any tips?

I am not sure if this recent thread is helpful, but there definitely seems to be an issue with connecting after power outages. I found customer support to be eager to assist with my concerns; however, there appears to be innate flaws with the device, which have not been addressed by the moderators as best as I am able to tell.
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Are you trying to connect using your work computer/network? Many users have had issues streaming from their work connection due to IT blocking the Arlo stream.


Do you experience the same behavior when attempting to connect using a mobile device and a mobile data connection?