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Arlo Q sent alert this morning for Audio alert. Wasn’t even armed for the past two weeks!

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So, I got an alert this morning.  Audio Detected?  This unit wasn’t supposed to be armed at all.   I turned it and all the other Arlo Pro units off nearly three weeks ago.   And it hasn’t detected any audio in that past period of time, so it coudln’t have been on this whole time and just now noticed audio.  


Is there some bug that if it reboots maybe it sets to armed?  Have these been hacked beyond the Arlo Pro and other unit hacks?  I have 2FA setup on the app (and I guess this and the other units).  How could this happen?

Guru Guru

Hacks are very unlikely but if concerned change your password. 2FA is for the login , not devices. And I'm not aware of "hacks" of the Pro or any other Arlo cameras although, like you, some have questioned it.


I'd start by rebooting the camera and checking the mode in use. Verify audio detection is off. Maybe toggle it on and off again. If using a custom mode, create a new one with the appropriate settings.


Edit: I see a new firmware for the Q was released. It's possible that something about the update and reboot associated with it caused this to happen. It could also be a bug in the firmware so keep an eye on it.