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Arlo Q makes loud thud sound? Tried swapping location.

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Ghost in the machine?

I get sound alert notifications from my Arlo Q and when I listen, it’s a somewhat loud thud. It sounds similar to dropping a shoe on the floor, or a book on a desk.

I travel a lot and get these notifications at random different times of day and night. There does not seem to be any pattern. Always the exact same sound, and never any motion on the camera.

We have searched the house and cannot find any source of the sound. Cameras in nearby rooms do not alert to any sound at the same time. When we’re home and leave the cameras in the same state, we have never heard the sound.

As an experiment, I swapped the location of this camera with another camera at the opposite end of the house. I get the exact same results from the same camera, now in another room. I have reset the camera, rebooted the system, everything I can think of, with no success.

It seems the sound must originate inside the system somehow.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

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Never heard of this... it could be internal ... not sure if the Q uses a filter.

have you tried turning off the mic / audio alerts ?

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