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Arlo Q doesn't detect motion for a minute after recording 2 mins.

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I recently bought the ArloQ and have a lot of complaints.  The 7 day free recording is very disengnious.  I bought it thinking that was 24/7 for 7 days not this stupid motion trigger stuff only.  That wouldn't even be a huge problem if the motion capture worked decently, but its riddled with issues!  


My biggest problem right now is even when I set the camera to record until motion stops up to 300 seconds it doesn't do that!  We are clearly walking around in front of the camera and it almost always stops recording after about 30 seconds.  So I got fed up and turned on the record for 120 seconds when motion is detected.  This will record for the full 2 minutes but then it won't detect any motion for almost a full minute after!!!  So if someone is walking around for 10 minutes I wil get minutes 1-2 then miss minute 3 get minutes 4-5 miss minute 6 and so on.


This is incredibly frustrating to spend 100+ on a camera that I can't even get to reliably record!!!!!!

Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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The up to 300 seconds if motion continues needs tweeking , IMO...

You are better off running it at 2 mins and then the new trigger event will be closer to 10-15 secs after the first ( reset time )


The reset time of mins you are talking about is not normal , have you reset the camera ?

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I have restarted the camera several times since we purchased it and updated the firmware.  Its pretty consistent at this point in how long it takes between motion captures.


That aside why is there even a delay or max on recording for motion?  Even with a 15 second delay on the next motion trigger is 15 seconds of lost motion that could be critical????