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Re: Arlo Q Live View Lag

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jimmyjames76 Tutor

I've seen several questions about this issue on the forums, and Netgear hasn't answered the question yet so I thought I would start another thread.  I bought an Arlo Q to use around the house, and as a baby monitor.  When I start up live view there is a short delay which is entirely fine and expected.  Once live view has started, what's happening in front of the camera takes 5-10 seconds (sometimes much longer) before it's reflected on my phone or tablet.  If the baby moves you don't see that on the phone/tablet for 5-10 seconds (or more).  If the baby cries you don't hear it on the phone/tablet for 5-10 seconds (or more).  The other day I heard the baby crying, walked down the hall to picked him up, walked back out into the living room, and watched on myself on the tablet walking into the room and picking him up 10-15 seconds earlier.  It's hard to make use of the camera or 2 way audio when you don't see what's happening until 5-10 secs (sometimes 30 secs) after it has already happened. My internet connection is 80-100 mbps so that isn't the problem.  My router is less than a year old, and has more than enough capacity for the traffic so that isn't the problem.  This isn't an issue of resetting the camera or deleting/re-adding the camera to the app.  I've gone through all of the previous posts, and tried all of the previous "fixes" offered by Netgear reps.  This isn't a user problem.  This is a Netgear problem.  So, now that we have that out of the way does Netgear have any plans to fix this issue?  Or should I return the camera as defective?

Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio
CarolynJ Aspirant
I am having the same issue. As well as stop time altogether. This is so frustrating!!!!
Firstorlast Initiate
@netgear - any update on this? I’m primarily using this as a baby monitor. the delay of the live stream after I’ve connected through the app is maddening and makes the live view and 2way audio functionality mostly useless for me.

I have 200mpbs internet service and the router is less than 10 ft away. Is there going to be an update or ability to stream over the local network?
Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio
jimmyjames76 Tutor

Unfortunately not.  It seems that Netgear has no interest in fixing the issues with these cameras.  It's too bad because it seems to be pretty nice otherwise, but from a baby monitor standpoint (or a pet monitor or anything that needed a near real time video feed) it's totally worthless.  Maybe they've moved on to the next version, and are abandoning all the suckers that bought this one.  No idea.

jimmyjames76 Tutor

I have until Jan 14th to return mine.  I was hoping after nearly a month Netgear would come up with some possible solution to try, but haven't heard anything here or from support requests.  I don't really understand why this is such a huge problem. Skype and Facetime have been working perfectly in real time for years, but Netgear can't make a wifi camera with a real time video stream?  Ridiculous.  I plan on returning mine this week, and trying a different brand.  Hopefully someone makes one that works.