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Arlo Q - Firmware - Android - Software Ver 2.5.3_22376 - Detection Notification Spam

I have a few of these cameras at my house and this problem just started happening after the last Arlo software update.


Nothing new hardware/software (minus any applications that have upated) has changed.  Same phone that I've been using, same network configuration, same camera location, same phone OS version. 


I used to get just one notifaction on my phone when there was a detection (until I cleared it.. then I would get another when there was a detection).  Since the last software update I'm now getting unlimited notifications.  They scroll off the screen.


I checked the software settings in both the Arlo application and in my OS and everything looks good.  I've uninstalled, cleared cache and tried again.  Same thing.  I have dogs (but like that I get notified even when they walk around).  I just don't need 50 updates.  1 is good until I clear it.. which is how it's worked for over a year now.


Any suggestions?






Model: VMC3040|Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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Re: Arlo Q - Firmware - Android - Software Ver 2.5.3_22376 - Detection Notification Sp

That's just how Android displays notifications.  

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