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ARLO Q Series "connection to camera has timed out" error

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hlymn231 Aspirant

I use my Q camera for a baby monitor. The live feed is on all night and a couple hours a day. I have the app setup on a android platform but I've experienced it on a web browser as well and I've always experienced this issue. Up until recently wasn't a big deal because it would time out for a few sec and go back to live view. Now the message just stays on the screen and I have to select the X in the top right to get rid of it. Still displays a live view behind the message but the message is a dark over lay which marks it harder to see what's going on. Is there any way to get the camera to stop timing out or get the message to disappear without selecting the X?

Model: VMC3040|Arlo-Q HD with Audio
Guru TomMac Guru

It seems the new FW or Apps have caused this as in the past the Q ran a long time ( hour, two or so ) without time out.

A recent test by me showed the Q to time out now at 30 mins ( which is normal for other arlo cameras that run on battery ).

Not much can be done on the user end tho.

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hlymn231 Aspirant
The time out is bearable but the message not going away is ridiculous. Especially since it did a few weeks ago. My far less expensive cam didn't have either issue. It's nice to only have one app for all my cams but I am probably going to have to go back to the cheap cam and app. I would love to stay with the Q but its just not practical anymore.