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"Cool Down/Quiet Time" feature Arlo Pro

Hopefually this has been asked before but I wasn't sure what the keyword search would be for it.


I was curious if there ae plans to add a feature to the MODES where you can allow for a "cool off" period after the camera detects motion. 


For example, on the weekends, I like to leave the system armed so as to alert me when people come to my door.  However, when i go outside to do chores and whatnot, I don't really want the unit alerting me everytime I go in and out. 


It would be nice to allow for a period of "quiet time" after a motion is detected.  Something like don't report motion for 60 or 90 seconds after the initial detection of motion.


Just a thought.  Love the system so far.  The forum has answered a couple other questions I've already had.





Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: "Cool Down/Quiet Time" feature Arlo Pro

In the Ideas Exchange section, I'm pretty sure someone has posted about disarming the system for a set length of time. I too have been caught out by disarming the system because I'm mowing the lawns etc but then forgetting to re-arm (change modes to an actively recording mode) it.

Perhaps a "mute notifications for xx minutes" would be a good idea to pop in the ideas exchange section if it's not already there. If it's not, add it. If it's already there, add kudos to it as the more people that add kudos, the more likely it is that the engineers will consider implementing  the idea

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Re: "Cool Down/Quiet Time" feature Arlo Pro

I've been running 3 cam Arlo Pro for about 3 weeks now and this is my biggest frustration with Arlo.

The ideal solution will have a smart notification on iOS and Android with multiple (pre configured) snooze periods.

like Snooze for 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, etc.


Just going out to mow my lawn or wash my car will generate floods of notifications that I need to clear one by one.

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