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need a rear battery door for an arlo pro camera

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Bdawg Follower

Thought I'd like to get  some of my aggravation out , after attempting to  get parts from the useless support that Netgear offers. 

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2018-08-30 12:17:51
I need a rear battery door for an arlo pro camera, the original door disintegrated when I applied locktite to the mount screw while replacing the camera on a newly purchased arlo pro out side mount. The door is now useless and so is the camera as I can't mount it with out the door. Calling support proved to be a waste of time as they tried to sell me a silicone camera cover - not what I needed. There must be parts available for these cameras. My first dealing with support is making me regret this decision already. I am willing to pay for the door, if need be, but phone support couldn't even find a contact for me to order the part. Very disappointed, please help

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2018-10-06 05:35:09
Absolutely useless, can't send even a part or offer a repair service. When these end up needing batteries or anything else I'll be looking elsewhere for a solution, and that includes your networking products. Too interested in selling products then servicing those products. As a professional network engineer I won't be using any other netgear products ether- you call it support, but it definitely isn't.
ArloProOwner Apprentice

Jan 14, 2019 (USA)

Unfortunuately, the Arlo Pro/Pro2 RECHARGEABLE batteries do not last long either.  I have had my system for barely a year and have 10 cameras, and 4 of them in the last couple of weeks all decided they would no longer hold a charge for more than 20 hours.  Which I decided to then plug them in to an outlet with Arlo's weatherproof 8 foot OUTDOOR power adapter, and now those particular cameras come up randomly, yet consistently on a daily basis with the message:  "(!) Incompatible charger has been detected.  Connect a compatible Arlo charger.  For more info, see KB article for Charging Faults. [OK, got it]"       Go figure.  So my point is, soon you'll probably be purchasing $50.00 replacement batteries for all of your cameras.  

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
thez34 Aspirant

Check out ebay

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
JoeCymru Virtuoso

I would first wonder what is going on in general with my system. Li-ion batteries should last you 500 charging cycles or more before dropping off. Even then they will continue to perform, but time between needed charges will decrease. Having 40% of your batteries dropping off within a year is not ususal and not at all representative of the experience of the installed base of Arlo Pro and Pro2 systems. My system is a year old now, four cameras, still getting about two months (depending on location) of service between recharges, which I normally try to do at about 30 to 40%. Something may be depleting the batteries on those cameras way too quickly, rather than the batteries themselves being shot. I would be trouble shooting the system for other issues to make sure, since so many batteries depleting seems indicative of excessive drain and is definitely not a normal Arlo battery life cycle. 

Also, with all the other battery issues, are you running your hardwired cameras with or without the batteries in? I would leave them out to eliminate that as a cause of getting the warnings, if you have not already.