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I have been using my new Arol Pro for only the past 2 weeks that came with a fully charged battery but now the battery is only left with 15% as shown below.


I just wondering is this normal because I read your battery life can last to 6 months for light usage and 2 months for heavy usage. However mine is only used for the past 2 weeks only. My video mode is set at optimized with only motion detection at 5% rate and we only watch live like on and off for less than an hour a day for me and my spouse.


Can you explain to me why? Or is this somethings wrong with my Arlo Pro battery?


I really like your product as it really help me monitor what is going on at home while I at work.


Thank you.



As depict below:

Your Arlo camera Living Room is running low on battery. You’ve still got about 15% of juice left, but in order to maintain uninterrupted peace of mind, we recommend charging up the camera as soon as you can.

using the "live" function will drain the batteries faster. especially with two people using this function daily.
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As a PS to above... yes the batteries can run for months , but this is under spec useage which is =< 5 mins per day ( record or live view ).


If you are LIVE viewing or RECORDING, you are using the most power from the batteries, An hour a day is pretty excessive and would easly account for your batteries depleted in 2 weeks. ( that's approx 12 days video at spec use )


Best setting is in ARMED mode which uses little power till it senses motion.



But , if you want to continue to view at the rate you are doing , I recommend  if able, leave the power cord in all the time so as not to deplete the battery pack


buy a spare battery and charge tube to make swapping easier

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