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Is there any security measurements built-in to this camera?

What will happen if somebody walks behind the camera or under and tear it down or put a cover over it? Is there any altimeter built in, or any sensors?

This is a very expensive system but what is a system worth if the system itself is not protected, I mean there is not even a security mount for this camera.

It's supposed to guard your home when you are away but if it's tampered this easy it's just worth for you to see if your flowers are doing well.

I think you have to look at your camera placement. I have my cameras overlaping each other meaning you can't get to one camera without the other one picking you up along the way. Yes, they could still run up and smash it / cover it/ take it, but you would have them on video that was sent to the cloud. I have all my out side ones on the screwed in mount to cause a little exta greif if they try to get to it. Not perfect, but is still less expensive than putting in a wired system with enclosed security boxed. I think the fact the camera are present is a deterent as well. 


Place your outside cameras out of the reach of people. Place them so you have to use a ladder to get to them. This way no one can just walk up and steal it or break it.


Place inside cameras as close to a normal 7-8 foot ceiling as possible. Yes they could still be taken down at that height, but that's when you get a home security system that monitors all opening of doors and windows, plus glass breakage and motion. The alarm system should also be monitored by an outside monitoring company (like Simplisafe or ADT).


Set yourself up like this and you'll be good to go and don't have to worry about cameras being stolen or an actual break in.