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View and Playing back video through streaming device

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I am looking at a 4 camera Arlo Pro system.  My question is for viewing video and playback.  I would like to mount a monitor in my kitchen, but not a computer.  The smallest smart tv I can find is 24 inches.  I would like to buy smaller tv or comptuer monitor, with an available HDMI port.  Then I would like to use Apple TV or an Amazon Fire Stick to stream the video to this monitor.  Does anyone know if one or both of these streaming devices support Arlo viewing and playback?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I believe apple tv is supported only at this time


How can I use the Arlo Apple TV app?

To use the Arlo Apple TV app, you need the following items:

  • Apple TV hardware, 4th generation or higher
  • Access to the Apple TV App Store
  • A functioning Arlo camera (visit to find the right Arlo system for you)


The Arlo app for Apple TV is different from the Arlo app for iPhone or Android in the following ways:

  • The Arlo Apple TV app makes good use of the television’s screen size so that you can see more of your cameras on screen at one time.
  • The Arlo Apple TV app is better for viewing camera activity than for managing your devices. It is a supplement to your Arlo mobile app, but not a replacement.
  • You can switch camera modes on the Arlo Apple TV app, but you need to use an Arlo mobile app or log in to the web interface at to create or edit modes.
  • The Arlo Apple TV app delivers the most popular and most used Arlo features in a TV experience. Any settings and features that you do not find in the Arlo Apple TV app, you can find in your Arlo iPhone, Android, or web apps.
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Or cast the screen from a phone/tablet.