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Van/Tool CCTV prospect :- How much data does the cameras use when recording/live feed?

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After my brother had a tool stolen recently I want to look into a possible quality camera system for his van and pointing onto the tools on the job which are normally spread out outside. He work inside houses and there is big gaps when nothing is being manned and he has suffered recently becuase of it.

So. proposal is:-

3g dongle, with monthly data package

wireles router plugged into van (12v system)

arlo system linked to router which has the 3g dongle plugged in.

3 arlo pro cameras linked to the cloud and to his IPAD inside to watch for movement so he can get there before they grab and run.


QUESTION, how much data will the cameras use please? anyone know the typical constant data usage? he regularly works 9hours on a job so they would need to be running constant really.


Thanks in advance

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Not sure Arlo is for you. These are designed to be motion detection cameras, not full time. The Arlo Go could be a better answer than the Pro series since it only uses cell service but you may well be able to make the Pro work, too. 


There's an FAQ here for the different transfer rates according to camera and quality setting that may be useful. A 2 minute recording may be ~15MB, depending on quality setting, how complex the scene is (i.e. how well the compression can compress), etc.