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Using geofencing and other modes

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I have my two cameras set up with geofencing which seems to be working although I don't always get the alert that says geofencing is "now in home or away" mode.
I would ALSO like my outside entryway camera to come on at 10pm and off at 5am. each day. I assume this would be done through scheduling.
I don't seem to have any luck setting up a mode or rule, whatever I set for one camera does the same to the other. I select a particular camera to set a mode and it asks which camera I want to use. Any advice would be helpful.
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You have to get down the 'modes' and how they work.....

You have 2 cameras, the default is ARMED ( all on ) and DISARMED ( all off )

**( schedule while in modes is just a timer to turn on/off the above or Custom modes you create )

With 2 cams your modes can be

A&B ( default )

A on

B on


Throw in a couple rules... any camera NOT on in the current Mode is OFF and a new mode overides the previous mode

( also when creating a custom mode " add a mode" to add a second or third camera, add the first one, save , then go back and edit for the next )


Geofence brings in a another whole concept, but in the end you PICK which Mode you want for HOME OR AWAY

And, Yes... you can schedule the front cam to be on at night ( done in schedule first and then schedule is used as HOME in goefence ) or both ON (armed) as your geofence away mode


One other note, any time a schedule goes thru midnight, it must be broke into two parts

In you case it would be 10pm to 1159pm and next day 12 midnight to 5am


Hope this helps, check out the FAQs too

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