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Using a USB Extension Cord

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GearNetRouter Virtuoso

Anyone used a USB extension cord like this one and hook it up to the OG NG cord and AC adaptor?  I tried with a shorter 6 foot cord to charge my Arlo Pro and it worked. I want to use this outside plugged into a protected outdoor oulet. My cam is under a soffit. I plan to wrap electrical tape where the two USB cords meet and possibly just put a small piece of tape around the end which plugs into the cam.  Any feedback?


The reason I consider this is the Netgear (NG) outdoor adapter cable is way too short at 6 feet when I need 20 feet. The Wasserstein after market cord is 20 feet but seems it has a f ed implementation of the end which plugs into the cam.


Also regarading the cams actually only charging to 80% is that circuitry built into the cam or the NG AC adapter (which I intend to use).

Guru TomMac Guru

It's good to use larger gauge wire on the usb cord when using to run power ( dc on small gauge can cause issues )

I see no issue if you can make it water tight and a physical tight connection.

What I have use in some of my outdoor connections are a quality electical tape and then over wrap the tape with coax seal ;

It's a rubber goo in tape form you wrap on and then mold.. keeps water out ( the elec tape is only for easy removal later )


The 80% charge is a built in factor of the camera, so the battery can remain in the camera and not be overcharged using the ac adapter.  ( only will really charge to 100% with the charge tube )

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