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Arlo Pro battery charging indicator on new camera

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JimboJones Aspirant

I just installed the Arlo Pro 4 camera system the other day.  Three out of four cameras work properly.  On one of my cameras, upon activiation there is a lightning symbol on the battery indicating that it is charging.  The problem is that this camera has never been plugged in to charge at all! When the battery dropped from 100% to 99% I get this message on the app: "The charging source connected to the camera cannot charge your battery. Please use an Arlo Pro power adapter." I tired unmounting the camera and charging it (taking out the battery, plugging in, and reinstalling battery) but it still it shows this charging indicator on the battery even after I unplugged it.  I also tried swapping the battery with my other camera and it still did not work making me conclude that it is a camera issue and not the battery.  Please help, i would rather not exchange it at the store. 

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Master steve_t Master

Try deleting it from your devices and re-sync'ing it

Otherwise, you might just have to get a replacement from the store. If you do, you might have to swap all cameras with the base station as well. 

JimboJones Aspirant

Yes, I tried that and it did not fix the problem.  Because I already have the other 3 cameras mounted I think I might just keep the system as I don't have time to take everything down and exchange it.  I hope a future firmware update would fix this! The camera's main functions are not effected. It is just this charging issue that is annoying. 

JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



Do you still see this behavior when viewing from a different device (different computer or mobile device)?



JimboJones Aspirant

Yes I do, I have the app on my phone, my ipad, and on the web.  Shows the charging symbol on that cam. I've since moved that camera to the basement area where there is not that much activity. The camera functions normally except that it is phantom charging.