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Two Arlo systems on two routers in two buildings on the same account?

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Would like to monitor two Arlo Pro systems on my phone but can't install the app twice.


I have two systems in two buildings on two routers (separate builidings, separate routers, separate systems).  How can I do this?


Bought two systems at Costco & installed one in my house and it is working fine.  Need to install the other in my storage building and monitor it also from my phone.

VMB4000 base station with VMC4030 cameras

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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If you want full control of all cameras in one app/prgm then you may have to upgrade you service... Basic allow up to 5 and the next two paid levels are 10 and 15....  There is no limits on the number of bases NOR location.


If you want to have enough control leaving the two system separate, then SHARE the second account cameras to the first account ( Grant Access )... then you would see all only in the first account and still have some controll of cameras

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