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Too many videos of grass and shrub motion detection from camera

I'm liking the system for the most part, but the redundant bandwidth usage is unacceptable. For example, yesterday alone I had 47 videos from the East camera and 20 from the West; all of them were taken of grass or shrubs blowing in the wind. Over the last 27 days , 8.7GB of data has been used as well as filling up a 16GB flash drive which seems excessive since none of the videos were of anything important. I bought this system for three times the price of the Blink XT in order to save bandwidth, but so far it uses 30x as much. What is a good sensitivity setting to keep it from recording wind but still record movement 10 feet away? I have three Blink XT cameras recording motion by the bunker and they don't have this issue, so I assume there's a setting somewhere I haven't found yet. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Too many videos of grass and shrub motion detection from camera

Sensitivity settings are in your modes and rules. Have you read the FAQs here on both setting sensitivity as well as best camera positioning?

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