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Re: Too many false motion sensor detections.

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I'm trying to keep an eye on my driveway. Camera is mounted to the house, approximately 11 ft. off the ground. The motion sensor keeps triggering for no apparent reason.
Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera

bump, same here, i think its a bird way off in distance, but lowering to 80% misses my huge car right infront of it, i just got 20 false videos in 30 minutes..... someone please help, ive posted on this twice today and yesterday, 100 views and no replies....

You mention the height you have the camera, but not the angle that it looks down. The tighter the view area you can get is best. I would suggest no more than 20 feet maximum. Less is better. in otherwords, no more than 20feet from the front of the camera. You also what the camera pointed at a slight angle from your target area. The sensor detects movement best from side to side instead of straight on.
Small insects, such as flies, spiders, wasp, can trigger the camera. Due to the slight delay in the camera starting /recording after detection, the insect has moved away before you see it. Keep the camera away from lights that may attract insects at night. Don't have it pointing at trees or other landscaping that might move with wind.

These are just some suggestions based on experience.