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For the last 5 days:


1. First 4 days would not let me log in while I waited outside my garage door, trying to disarm the house and enter.  Ends up setting off the Alarm

2. Just today, waited literally 15 minutes outside the house for the thing to log in.  Tried cleaning cache, tried everything.

3. Last week or two , I arm the unit, and next morning, it is disarmed, as if by majic


Have tried uninstalling everything, reinstalling everything.  No luck.


I am a techie myself.  A scrimpted answer from someone 10,000 miles away does not work, and they seriously lack knowledge


You know what is going on?  The greedy mof0s at Netgear/Arlo want to shove their newer models down our throats.

And, due to their greed, they have sold more and more units, but not added any support

Their engineers are probably busy fking their moms than do their fking jobs


If any of y'all are facing this, especially random disarming , make note, take notes, take screenshots, and keep records of every conversation.


These greedy mofos , due to their never ending greed have been ignoring the fact that there may be a bunch of customers who feel their security threatened because of these incompetent greedy clowns.


and, these greedy fukks are inviting a class action suit 


Getting sick and tired of the scripted "don't worry, we are going to help you" lines by their worthless POS customer service


Make sure you keep records of everything

Guru Guru

First, you may want to use geofencing to disarm stuff when you get home rather than manually disarming. Also, it's possible that your WiFi connection may be tenuous at the location you're sitting at outside the garage, leading to severe lag in accessing the app. Moving closer to the WiFi source or using cell service alone would be a good test.


I have the exact same issue and I have lost trust in this system so much that I have another backup system as well just in case.


I never use wifi on my cellphone because I get unlimited 4G data.  Not sure if the superuser meant Wifi for the base station or wifi for the phone, but if my phone is on 4GLTE and it cannot log in, how is it a Wifi issue?


Also superuser suggested geofencing.  Some of us live.  I have tried geofencing and given up many times. It is a joke, a gimmick and never works like it is supposed to. It is great in theory.   I am not a techie like the obviously pissed off op of this thread, but  I consider myself fairly good with gadgets.  It is a mute point anyway because the whole point of consumer electronics is so that people who are not great with gadgets can still use them. For the techies, they have more options I am sure.


I am thinking about talking to legal counsel as well.   There have been too many instances where these clowns have been hacked and they have either kept quiet or lied about it.  They do not properly inform users when they make changes to the app.


The dead giveaway that there is a much bigger issue that Arlo is not sharing with us is the fact that they decided to have the two big "Arm" and "Disarm" buttons so that folks will just press them .    In the past, you had to go to "status" and try to change it, and it took forever.


So, essentially, my $600+ Arlo system currently is only good for pressing the large "Arm" or "Disarm" button.


These days, every time I go to "devices" and try to view any of my cameras, it just spins and spins and does nothing.  It is no longer good for viewing live images from your camera.


Yes, I have kept extensive notes and screenshots and yes I am thinking about talking to an attorney.


Curiously enough, I am having the exact same issue and I was suggested the same solition, i.e. Geofencing.

I was not very familiar with this function, and when it was explained to me, I was really excited that this would make it possible for me to automatically arm and disarm.

Alas, it did not work.

I even read the article  which did not work for me, but I am not very good with technology.  I would like to share this article in the hopes that it may work for some of our members: