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The purpose of this thread is to track multiple reports of the popular issue: false alarms after live view or legit motion during night vision.


As customers who spent $$$ on this product, we need Netgear to understand this is not an isolated issue. They need to take actions and stop bouncing customers back and forth with their standard troubleshooting policy, slowly...


The following threads have exactly same issue reported, with all factors matched:


1) night vision on

2) after live view or legit motion

3) multiple false alarms afterwards

4) the only resolved cases were by replacing cameras by Netgear


Arlo Pro Nightvision Issue


4XH16C7UA9955 - recording without motion [originator just confirmed it's only with night vision]

Motion alerts are non stop at night. Arlo Pro

Outdoor camera detects motion constantly at night

Arlo Pro Night Vision constant motion activation and no night vision


Motion detected nonstop


The following threads are related issues, but might or might not be the same issue, as some factors are not confirmed. E.g., some didn't mention night vision:

motion detection sends false alerts

Arlo pro will not reset motion sensor. The motion icon stays orange


Arlo pro camera senativity issues


Netgear, if you are reading, there's something wrong with this otherwise great product. This is not an isolated issue. Stop asking customers to go thru a nearly 2 week troubleshooting process (like you did to me, case #27976415) and still only want to RMA 1 camera at a time when multiple cameras have issues -- experience shows even with RMA, you might need to get it right in multiple rounds, because Netgear hasn't figured out the root cause so every swap is just a random hit or miss. We spent $$$ on this product and many of us like it, but this issue is driving lots of frastration.


I, for one, am seriously considering returning the product to Bestbuy at end of this week (within 15 days) if your support doesn't move faster.

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Yeah, my two existing cameras have the firmware test release and work fine, and I'm holding off on the third camera until they release the end user firmware update to everyone....


I rebooted my Arlo base station today and the new camera firmware updates were waiting after it came up. I have the new firmware loaded now. Hopefully it fixes the issues. Try rebooting your base station if your cameras don't indicate that there is an update available.

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Community Manager

New camera/base station firmware has been released resolving this issue. Please be sure your system is up to date with the latest firmware. See here: Release Notes


Hey James, quick question. Is there anything in the works that would allow for snoozing or ignoring repeat motion? For example, I have a ring doorbell and when it has continuous motion (kid playing in front yard for an hour etc) it will not continually record or send alerts. One of my cameras is pointed at the driveway and records pretty much 2 hours straight when the kid plays basketball. Kills the batteries. Just got the new firmware today. Fingers crossed for tonight.

kurthoes schedule for nightime or geofencing when your away from home. You can't modify an security camera for individual persons.