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Sync problem VMC4030

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SandyMB Follower

 My Cameras are only 8 months old. 
One of my five has run out of battery life for the first time after 6 months and I charged it however it would never work again and I tried to removed and add it as a new device several times it would not work at all.

I tried all the battery resets and nothing is happening.

Any advice on how I can get it back to life. Thanks in Advance.

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Guru TomMac Guru

Pull the battery on the camera and rplace, make sure you do a quick press of the base sync button ( don't hold )

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JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



What is the LED behavior on the camera when you attempt to sync? Adding to what TomMac suggest's above, try rebooting your base station and see if you can complete the sync after the base station comes back online.