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Only 5 cameras with basic subscription?

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So I am new to the forum so hello 1st off. 2nd, sry if I'm beating a dead horse but I couldn't find the answer. Anyway, I recently purchased the arlo pro 3 cam system on sale. So far so good. Just one thing. I wanted a total of 8 cameras. 4 outside and 4 inside. I just found out you can only have 5 with a basic sub?

Question is, if I buy another set (base station and all) will I have to have 2 accounts or can I just give myself access and have em all on 1 account through the app? I refuse to pay. I think it's $10 a month. Not sure if it's per cam (I know the $2.99/month plan is) or what but I'm not doing it. The system costs wayyyy too much (even on sale) to warrant that. Not going to nickel and dime me to death. So can i just buy another set and have em all linked to the same account by granting access or must I have 2 separate accounts and log in back and forth.

Oh and I would also like to mention the indoor cams will be the original arlo cams. I know they are all backwards compatible. So outside will be my arlo pros and inside the original arlos.
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Two options -
1. Pay the sub to get more than 5 cameras on one account
2. Use 2 separate accounts and grant access with access rights from one account so you can see and control (with limitations) all 8 cameras when you log into one account


Subscribing gives you more than just more than 5 cameras though. You also get 30 (or 60) days of cloud storage

I am fine with the 7 days rolling storage. All vids are watched immediately upon notification and anything I want to keep is saved to my phone. So that's not a major selling point. One question tho, you said I can do it by granting access "with limitations ". What exactly are the limitations you speak of?