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Solved: iOS Arlo app badge icon number increasing and unable to clear or reset

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The app badge numbers increasing with an inability to clear them began to happen when I was granted access to a family members account/cameras. Look how high it got in the picture below.Arlo app badge icon number not resettingArlo app badge icon number not resetting


I first contacted Arlo, and they made me go through several steps to no avail. I then came in here to the Arlo Community and followed other sets of instructions, and nothing. Arlo customer support said they would contact me, but I was not about to hold my breath as I see others in this community were having the same issue since 2015, and some are still waiting to hear back from them. And that's exactly what happened to me. No follow up, exactly nothing.


So, I am now here hoping to help everyone in need because this problem is frustrating to watch those numbers continue to increase.


Here's a quick understanding of what's going on, for me anyways. I was granted access to someone's cameras while they were away. After they returned, they unchecked my access to each of their cameras, which would give them back their privacy. They did not delete me from their account, they just removed my access to each of their cameras. My Arlo app Badge number got as high as 357. I would clear my videos completely, but upon the next camera trigger the number would not start at one but would show up as 358 (357+1). I would clear the one video, and it would go back down to 357, but would never completely clear or go down to zero. As time went on, I know it would have gotten higher because another individual in this community was in the 1,000's. I asked for the person that granted me access to give me access again to see if I could find anything. Here's what I found. They have 5 cameras, and each of the unseen videos from their cameras that showed up on my phone added up to the exact 357 that was on my Arlo app badge. My Arlo app badge was still counting all the times their cameras were currently being triggered. Since I couldn't see them, I couldn't clear them.


Below are the instructions on how I finally resolved this issue. Good luck and hope this helps.



  1. Contact the individual that granted you access to their cameras/system and have them grant you temporary access again, so you can resolve this issue.
  2. Go into the Arlo App and make sure their cameras are visible to you (it's currently under Device for me, bottom left of app screen)
  3. To be safe, tap each one of the cameras video recording to bring it back down to 0 (zero). (the circle with numbers in it, showing how many recordings you haven't seen)
  4. Go to one of their cameras settings (looks like a gear upper right-hand corner of that cameras window) and select it.
  5. Once in that camera's setting, scroll all the way down to the bottom and select 'REMOVE DEVICE'.


Follow these steps for all other camera's belonging to the other individual. Be careful not to accidentally delete one of your own cameras.


Once you've removed all of their cameras from your app, contact the individual again and ask them to do the following:

  1. Go into their Arlo app
  2. Select the App's 'SETTINGS' (Located at Bottom-Right of app screen)
  3. Select 'GRANT ACCESS'
  4. Then select your name
  5. Then select 'EDIT' (Top-Right corner)
  6. Under CAMERAS, they need to unselect/uncheck every camera
  7. Then select 'SAVE' (Top-Right corner)


They do not need to delete you off of their account. If they should need you again in the future, they just need to grant you access again, by putting a check on all the cameras under your name. You will immediately see all their cameras pop up on your phone. This is a very convenient feature for all Arlo owners.


Arlo needs to make sure their customer service personnel have the instructions for this problem readily available. This system is pretty expensive to leave us in limbo. The system is awesome! It's not even a system issue, but lack of training/knowledge with their customer service personnel. Customers could begin to panic and believe there must be something wrong with their system if Arlo themselves can't even fix it, and return it to the store. Such a simple fix.


Please let me know if this has helped anyone. I'm curious as to whether I truly found the solution.