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Smart Is Not Detecting People, Animals Or Vehicles Only Shows "Motion"

Arlo Pro only notifies me of motion. No longer displays vehicle, animal or person.  I have the 

Premier subscription. Whats up? There are clearly people, animals and vehicles in the videos. 


also its keeps defaulting to Best Battery Life. I constantly change it to best video quality, but it always go back. 

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Smart Is Not Detecting People, Animals Or Vehicles Only Shows "Motion"

maybe this is it?


There is a new "manage arlo smart" on the interface. None of my cameras are on there. They used to be...


I am unable to drag and drop any of them on the mobile app (galaxy s9 android). Nothing is moveable. 


When i do it on desktop, it just loads and loads and loads. I have to hit refresh and its there. I had to repeat this process for each camera.

I would assume If im paying for the premiere subscription, and it was working before, that I shouldn't have to back and manually add my cameras. Is there anything else i have to do to get this feature working? anything else that has been reverted back? seems like some changes have been made and sets me back to basic.

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Re: Arlo Pro no smart detecting people, animals or vehicles. Only shows "motion"

Hi @Deanomite


Has this been working for you since you posted this issue?

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