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Slowness with connecting to live views on my phone device. Not checking web cause of Flash.

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What are some good alternatives to Arlo, I have following issues:


- My phone's screen literally falls asleep waiting on the live feed to load, and no, I'm not changing my phone's settings to accommodate this slowness.

- The reason I'm checking on my phone in the first place would be that the website uses Flash, and no I'm not getting Flash.


Before you ask me what my connection is between points -- that is not it.  I pay for 1GB fiber at my house and work has always been adequate enough for use of any other service that I have had any desire to use over my entire tenure at this office. 


This system was way too expensive to have these issues which prohibit one of the most fundamental reasons of having cameras in the house -- to watch them remotely. 


I do not post on these forums, however I do come on here occassionally to see if issues simliar to mine have been addressed and to my disappointment, they have not.  I have been using these for nearly 3 years and all I wanted to do today was be able to check on my sick dog while I'm at work and it has been an utter and frustrating failure.

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Hey seminull,


What phone device are you using to view the live stream from the Arlo app? Have you tried reinstalling the app and rebooting your phone device to see if that helps?