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Sensitivity Adjustments Not Working Well

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I am having an issue with the sensitivity adjustment on my cameras, it seems the default 80% is way too low, it wouldnt even detect my car backing out right in front of the camera, however at 100% it does well for thinks like people pulling around my culdisac close to the edge of my driveway but i get constant notifications when a bird flys by anywhere in the yard sometimes so quick that the bird is gone before the video started recording.


I want it to be able to pick up on motion at a good distance but i want it to ignore a tiny little blip of movement for under a second. right now its dingin me every 10 minutes or so and only one of the videos i actually saw the bird fly by in the yard about 10-15 feet away from the camera.


what gives, need to catch all motion of significance and dont mind it going off if there is actual motion that lasts long enough to be unavoidable, in typing this in 5 minutes i just got 4 more notifications... all will be blank videos, make that 5...


anyone found a sweet spot that will catch all action like the mail truck and garbage truck but ignore a tiny bird zipping by in like a second so fast the camera cant even catch it? make that 7 notifications, arg...

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Every camera location is different. I put all my cameras on 100 motion sensitivity and drop it by 1 each time I get a false notification. Some of my cameras use the low to mind 90s and others use mid to low 80s depending on what's happening in the background


Here is my response to your other post:


Honestly, distance is your enemy. For best performance, you what your viewing area as tight as possible. This will give you the best performance and detection ability. The camera also detects motion best when it approachs the camera from an angle. As a result, you want to angle your camera slightly from your main target area.
Regarding the sensitivity adjustment, you are sorta regulating the sensitivity of the motion detector to the infrared heat signature of the object in its view. So moving the sensitivity down, should result in less detection of certain objects.

Can you post some pictures?

I get the impression that your aiming the camera too far out into infinity. If the camera is at a 6, 8, or 10 foot height, you only should capture about 20 feet out maximum. The his will reduce all the perifery objects you picking( people coming around your cul de sac, etc).
You also want the camera aimed slightly to an angle for better detectiion. You have already discoved that ( picking up people on the edge of driveway, but not your car). You indicated it picking up birds. Again, I get the sense your aiming straight out, or birds like flying right next to your house. If this is the case, it will be a problem. Maybe the new smart feature might help in this regard.
Here is something to try. I assume your camera is mounted at some height level. (say 8 feet up) point the camera down, getting as little view as possible. See what happens. After awhile, tilt the camera up a bit more to take in a bit more view. Wait awhile and see how things respond. If good, continue tilting camera up until you start getting false triggers. At that point, back the tilt down a bit and that is your sweet spot. It will take some trial and error. You might even tilt the camera slightly to one side (think slightly off vertical). This should help the detection.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Ive had mine since they were released and have been very satisfied with them.