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Scheduling no longer works after update

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MICHAEL2000 Aspirant

Is anyone else having problems with scheduling not working after this last update? I'm unable to get it working as it did before the update. I have 3 Arlo pro cams and 1 Arlo Q. The Pro cams stopped turning on and off at the times I have set. None detect any motion when in Scheduling. If I put them into Armed mode they work as they should. Arlo Q works fine when in Schedule mode. Only the Pro cams stoped working properly in scheduling after this last update.  I notince it no longer shows Armed/Disarmed with the clock on the mode screen. The Arlo Q shows what is should when schedule is on. Normally it will show armed with the clock showing on the mode screen when its time for them to turn on. Disarmed with the clock when its time for them to be off. I took a screen shot of what its doing now. Only shows the Clock. As you can see the Arlo Q still shows corectly.. Only the Pro's where effected. Anyone have any sugestions how to fix?

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

I had two schedules that I had to fix recently. I was able to easily fix them but you may need to wipe them out and rebuild. I would use a browser to do this since the app can sometimes screw things up for unknown reasons.