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Schedule/Geofence not working

Arlo Pro + Base station (4230, 2 Cameras).  Just installed this and did all firmware and software updates.


My setup is Geofence (1 android phone, latest android version)

Away = Armed (both cameras to trigger)

Home = Schedule

Schedule = 100% filled with HomeDay and HomeNite

HomeDay = 1 camera active

HomeNite = 2 cameras active


From what I can see so far, the geofencing is not triggering = problem 1

The scheduling is also not triggering = problem 2

When the scheduling is not triggering, it EITHER remains in the existing mode (MODE remains in HomeDay or HomeNite when the other should have triggered past the time, meaning wrong camera triggers), = problem

or when you open the APP no MODE is present, only the GEOFENCING pin can be seen.  In this situation, no cameras are active, even the camera which should be active 100% of the time under either HomeDay or HomeNite.


When I go into the APP and change it from Geofencing to Armed, and back again, or back to schedule. This fixes the issue and the correct mode shows and the cameras work.  But this should be automatic.  From what I can tell, the automatic routining of switching from one mode to another is broken.  This includes detecting when the mobile is moving out of geofencing range and in again, and when scheduling is changing.  Manual reset it not an appropriate solution.  I can confirm this has happened multiple times each day since purchase (2 days ago).  Any solutions would be useful.

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Re: Schedule/Geofence not working

After some troubleshooting it appears my geofence mode no longer works.  All other modes do.  This persists regardless of app version and seems to have coinsided with the most recent update.

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Schedule/Geofence not working

I have also noticed now that the schedule is also not working.  The cameras are alerting fine, but it just stays in one mode (HomeNite) all of the time and does not switch to HomeDay when it should.

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Re: Schedule/Geofence not working

I have noticed a couple of interesting things that might help?  I have noticed that the cameras actually appear to be operating and alerting on schedule.


The app on my phone shows the mode is incorrect.  E.g. the App says it is on NIGHT mode but one of my cameras is inactive as per DAY mode.  i.e. the cameras are being turned on/off correctly by the base station, but the phone does not register this.  I DO NOT know if this is what is tripping geofencing?


I have also noticed that the schedule automatically is filling in 100% of the minutes of the day.  Previous advice was to leave a 1min gap between schedules so not to spaz out the scheduler.  Now when I try and do this, the next mode automatically fills in so that there are no gaps in the schedule.  Is this tripping the app up?

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Re: Schedule/Geofence not working

What devices do you experience this issue with? are all devices up to date with the latest firmware?

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