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Poor signal strength since latest update

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I've had a 5 camera system since June of this year and always had max signal strength (3 bars) on all cameras, but since the latest update three of my cameras only show 2 bars and the other two show 1 bar.  There have been no changes to the environment or system and all cameras are showing Firmware and system is Version  I have tried rebooting both base station and cameras but to no avail and unless I'm missing something, I hope this message helps Netgear acknowledge the issue and quickly implement a fix.  Thanks for taking the time to read my note!


Has anyone had a response from netgear yet regarding this issue - I think its a complete fob off that the connection strength is now more accurate as the amount of time outs now when LIVE is so bad that its almost become a usless system. I have 9 cameras attached all in the same place as before and now 5 of them have 1 bar connectivity!  previously they had 3 !

Come on Netgear give us some answers and solutions to the mess your update has created !


I have had Arlo with 5 cameras for 3 years now. I was always a fan and have recommended to friends. Ever since this update months back, my cameras are randomly going offline. This never happened before. No changes to internet, enviroment or location of the cameras. I have done all the troubleshooting and I'm now going to give up. You should not need to re-sync the cameras every other day. Whats even more fun is that when the camera goes offline with full battery strength, when I do re-sync the camera the batteries appear to have been depleted. 


Sorry Netgear. Your Arlo product banks it's brand on ease of use, and ease of installation. These are no longer the case. You may want to rollback the update, or figure out why the cameras keep going offline. 


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Depleted batteries after resyncing implies the cameras couldn't connect to the base and wore themselves out trying. While you've had the system about as long as I have (3 years), have you investigated whether there's some new interference that could be causing this? As ex-IT, one thing I always had to go through was, "What changed before this happened?" "Nothing." "What is this new thing?" "Oh, yeah, there's that." If this is happening to all cameras, it's likely something near the base, using the 2.4GHz band or something physically blocking the signal. Of course, it could also be the base itself having an issue and only a new base would cure that.


Have you brought cameras closer to the base to see what happens or swapped working ones with problem ones? Sometimes, although a PITA, it's worth a factory reset and start fresh. No explanation as to why that would help but sometimes it does.