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Notifications to AT&T text message, changing phone number

Hi all, I'm trying to arrange a setup where I can get Arlo notifications in the middle of the night, but don't get wakened by spam calls. I have an iPhone on AT&T. It seems the common solution is to enable Do Not Disturb, setup text messages from Arlo to the email gateway of my mobile phone (, and then add the sending number to my Favorites so texts notify. My problem is that the sending number from the email gateway keeps cycling through different phone numbers, so I can't add one number to my favorites.  The beginning digits of the sending number are the same, but the last two change per text.


Anyone have this problem or a solution? It's really too bad one can't select certain apps as exceptions to Do Not Disturb. 

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Notifications to AT&T text message, changing phone number

I leave my phone set to 'do not disturb' at night.  I went to the 'app info' from my phone (android) and there is a selection to tell the app to ignore the 'do not disturb'.   This way if any notifications are pushed, I hear them.  I also use arlo smart and have it only give notifications from people.   Caught a few people out there a few times already.  I did end up buying an arlo chime.  I put it in my bedroom and set up a night time rule to activate the chime.  This wakes me up pretty fast.


Hope this helped.



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