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Night Vision - When is it activated?

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I have a question regarding the activation of Nightvision as opposed to regular (color) vision.   At what point is Nightvision activated?  I assume it has to do with the amount of light either in the room or outside (wherever the cam is located).  The reason I ask, the cam in my living room, even when I have the lights on at night, shows and records in nightvision (black and white).   Now, I admit the light in the living room is not what I would call "Bright". We have strickly floor lamps in the room. But even with three floor lamps on with I think 60 watt bulbs in each, the cam only uses nightvision at night in my living room.


Also, the backyard cam uses nightvision at dusk.  There is still enough daylight out that my patio light has not turned on, -  yet the camera records in nightvision mode.    Overall, I'm thinking both of these cameras should be recording at regular mode and in color at these times.  Nightvision too sensitive?


Any thoughts ?



Master Master

They're tuned to be in whichever mode gives the best image. If you shine a bright light at the camera, it'll click over to full color. It just depends on incoming light intensity. When I drive in my driveway at night, the headlights hit the camera and it goes to color for a second and then back to black and white when the headlights turn away.

Have you tried turning off Night Vision mode in you camera settings for the living room camera?