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New features when? artificial intelligence / face detection / more detailed notifications ?

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Sorry but when I look at other security camera solutions, Arlo seem to be way behind the competition. When I bought Arlo pro i was seduced because of the wire-free thing, the software which was cool at the time.

But now ?


No face detection ? Arlo could know and detect if I ama entering into my garden or house during "armed" schedules ( by looking at the camera for instance) and consequently dont send me endless notifications ?


Sometimes I would still like to be in my house and have my garden camera "armed" , the problem is my only solution is to have a camera INSIDE my house in front of my entry door.

Then when i'm walking or the dog or the girl is walking not far from this door, I get endless notifications. I can get 94 notifications a day !!! 

A lot of cameras are using face detection so they recognize family members...


No animals detection? 

I get sometimes notifications at 4 a.m because a cat is making his way through my garden ( those cats... ) 


Can't define "zones" (well apparently Arlo 2 is doing that but only when the camera is "plugged" into electricity.. great ) 


For example I could define a particular zone in my garden where there is a door , and if movement is detected in that zone, well I could get a notification on my phone saying "movement detected in the garden door" but that probably cant be done with Arlo otherwise this could drain too much the battery?


I don't know, let your developpers have fun with the software ?


A lot of other cameras are doing really cool things and yet we're still with a software that's VERY limited. 


The software is pretty limited  and let's not talk about that irrecevable problem with iOs Arlo app ( can't define a specific sound for notifications !!!!!!!!! seriously ???? ) 

what are you doing with ios version? did you fire your ios developper and cant update anymore the app?

Very worrying. so that means if netgear decides not to handle Arlo anymore in 5 years, we wont get software update and we can put our cameras in the trash?



Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: New features when? artificial intelligence / face detection / more detailed notifications ?



Take a look here for more information on Arlo Smart and what features it will offer: What is Arlo Smart and how can I benefit from it?



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