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Mode rule if Camera A detects motion, Camera A and Camera B record

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JoBu-NY Tutor

I apologize if there is already a post about this, I tried searching and I could not find the info


I'm trying to setup a camera mode so that if Camera A detects motion, Camera A AND Camera B start recording. I created the rule, If Camera A detects motion Record on Camera A. Next I added an additional device Camera B and saved everything. I tested and neither camera recorded me walking through Camera A range. It seems pretty simple to setup, but for whatever reason it doesn't record.


has anybody else seent his issue? or maybe i set something up incorrectly?

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

I suppose this is a dumb question but did you select the new mode to be active? Are the running men for the cameras in the Devices tab black or gray?

Wklovelace3 Virtuoso
It sounds like you forgot to put rule for camera b. You said you added it but just adding it wont do it. You must have a rule if camera a detects motion record on camera b. It sounds like you only have one rule. Not sure why camera a wouldnt record though even set up this way. Unless you forgot to save it. I have a similar setup. Front camera is over my garage and camera 2 is inside front window sill. I have it set to audio. So if my dog barks both cameras record giving me a full view of my entire front yard and driveway
Wklovelace3 Virtuoso
Also i think youre only allowed one per camera. So although you can use a camera as a triggering device im not sure if you can record on both.. If somebody knows i sure would like to know how
JoBu-NY Tutor

I was under the assumption that if I could create a rule and have multiple cameras record from that 1 trigger point (Camera A)

When creating the rule the app allows you to add additional cameras and asked what you'd like to do. IMO, if you can't do that, then the rule shouldn't allow you to add additional devices.

Wklovelace3 Virtuoso
I agree. I think its only one rule per camera which would mean the trigger camera can only tell another camera to record it wont be recording too. I could be wrong. If somebody knows how to do it i would love to know
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



When creating a custom rule for your camera you can add multiple devices to the rule to achieve what you're describing.


From your original post, it sounds like you've done this correctly. After selecting the custom mode, what color are the running men on the devices screen? (black indicates the camera is armed and ready to detect motion, gray indicates disarmed)



JoBu-NY Tutor

They are black, i double checked everything the other day and everything was set to armed.