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Siren Going off!

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surfer1000 Luminary

For the last 2 nights my base stations siren has gone off without it being in an "on" state!

The first time on the 21st it was at 11.25pm approximately UK time and then last night at 1.25am approxiamtely.


As you can imgaine being woken up by this going off at such a time was very alarming for me and my joined neighbours!


As stated my mode at the time was on a setting that does not have the siren sounding


I note that you have just updated the firmware on my basestation on the 21st for mode issues, this seems too much of a coincidence!


Please can you look into this and advise.



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Master steve_t Master

Were there any recordings or triggers at the time? If so, triple check the rule for that camera in the rule that was running

surfer1000 Luminary

No there wasnt and I have checked all the rules for the modes and nothing in them for siren, I only have siren on when mode is in "armed" all my other modes dont include the base station. At least its not happened since my report