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Re: Lost functionality of being able to arm/disarm my whole system by using force touch on 2.6.0 iOS

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Rj223 Star
Wish this feature would get fixed. Actually on my phone which is iPhone xs, when I 3D Touch icon if I select disarm or arm it only effects the wired Arlo q camera and has no effect to any of the cameras connected to the base station. I used that feature a lot.
lemmein Initiate

After several updates since this issue was first brought up, it still has not been resolved.  This feature was working prior to 2.6.0.  Seems like the Arlo "development team" and "software engineers" are too incompetent to fix what they broke.

Miagi Tutor

This is downright ridiculous...  I just purchased the Arlo Pro2, and to my great disapointment the Geofencing is not working at all... and as it turns out, the fallback.. using manual arm/disarm by hardpressing the app is not working either! - I cant explain to my wife and 11 year old child, that the new fancy security system i bought, requires them to "enter an app", select "mode" and then select "basestation" and then press "arm/disarm" respectivly...  that is just to cumbersome to work.


How could Arlo Pro be so highly rated and recommended, when the APP and control lacks basic everyday functionality, and hyped advertised features. -  and even more concerning, it seems that Arlo engineers are not addressing theese issues in a timely manner.


I like the simplicity, the desgin and the video quality... but as is, this product is close to useless, and i consider returning the kit.



Immhee Aspirant

Is there an update on the 3d (force press) feature for the app? It was such a conveneint feature and its really sucks that it no longer works. Please provide update status. Thank you.

transcendid Tutor
Worse yet, whenever I try to use this feature, it messes up my schedule. Arlo stays in schedule mode but sets incorrect modes (usually “disarmed”) until I power cycle the base station.
BoogieArlo Star

3D Touch is working With 2.7 update 👍

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Immhee Aspirant
Thanks for the info!!
Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station