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Re: Local storage and continuous recording?

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Having option to record directly to local storage and/or cloud through the hub, I have a 16tb external drive that I would love to use in a similar way to the Vivint Smart Drive. I know this wouldn’t have the p2p security that that does but I really would prefer not to pay for Platter space in a Datacenter when I have hardware that will do the same job, I understand the potential for confusion for people that aren’t good with Technology but I hope they would use a professional installation service like Geek Squad or Whomever is in their area

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Local storage backup is already an option on the Arlo Pro base station. Take a look here for more information: How do I set up local storage backups on a USB device using my Arlo Pro base station?




I think Fieldex wants to use local storage as the primary and only storage location.  As I understand it, local storage is only as a backup to the cloud location.

Correct, I would prefer not to have to pay for platter space when I own and run enough of my own. I understand that makes it susceptible to smash and grab but if they make it that far by the time the police get there I’ve got bigger problems. I have a SmartThings hub that would flip if it detected motion or door open with no one on the geofence
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