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"Arlo is Currently Unavailable" message

Chronic Out of Service Issue Previously Claimed to be a "Solved Problem" on this forum. How so....I have same issue and not one of the remedies here solved this lack of service.

This is erroneous info and the issue persists as of 12-18-17 as it has throughout 2017 per posts reviewed.

Why dismiss this thread as completed when the issue persists?

Have a number of cams set up and it is an almost daily occurrence that "Arlo is Currently Unavailable" message presents on Android phone which is updated and restarted and Arlo system rebooted. 

Yes you can access the system online with higher success rate. Yes it happens when phone and WiFi and mere meters apart. 

My cynical guess is that enough people will get fed up with such (intentionally) lackluster service - especially when away from home/business that they opt to purchase a subscription despite the "free" service.  Would this be the "solution" to the problem of advertised free service.....that is until there are so many free subscribers they are stuck eventually buying a monthly service contract......seen this before. 

It would be nice to be assured that this is not another old IT ruse perpetrated by marketing . 

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Re: "Arlo is Currently Unavailable" message

On the positive side of things......

This is quite an intuitive product that literally anyone could install and use with features that satisfy the average homeowner, small business owner and property owner.  Product availability is good and build quality appears substantial enough to fare adequately outdoors.  Price is what one might expect for something innovative in this product type and "refurbished" units are a welcome option.  5 Cams for the unsubscribed monitoring should be suitable for the majority of "average" homeowners.  Battery life is dependent on location, battery type and if solar or hardwire is feasible.  Of course someone could easily swipe your cam on a magmount or use spray paint to render useless like most any camera.....maybe a bigger camera for more remote mounting using 18650 LiOn Rechargeable Batteries for ultra long life?  

Now since NetGear is in the business of WiFi,  one might think that that this out of service issue would be an unlikely matter of concern.....

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Re: "Arlo is Currently Unavailable" message

One more thought......since these devices are relied upon - presumably heavily in some instances, to provide security for residences and business.....NetGear hardware/software must be quite robust and not subject to frequent outages.  This should be a parallel goal along with innovation (which is great).

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