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Re: My arlo app locked on the 21st of this month after an upgrade. It still works on my home PC

MoFouly Aspirant

Same here for android

boyscout Initiate

I started a thread about a recent update making my iPhone Xs Max freeze up, but can't find it anymore?


I later saw that there were many threads about the problem.


Good news... an update just installed seems to have cured the problem.  The update was not automatically offered to me by the App Store app, but when I searched for the Arlo app and opened the page for it, an update button appeared.


Whew!  That was bad news for a few days.

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Tmofoshow Aspirant
Same here for android 11/27/2018. I dont see how not being able to see my camera is safe and worth this
afeid Star

 I have a theory about the users, including myself, who don't get live video since the infamous 'you're screwed update'. I have an ipad pro, which is a large device, on which the app does not work for live video. On smaller devices, the app functions. I wonder if the developers only tested on phones and smaller tablets, not on larger screens like the ipad pro or galaxy view? If they did only test on smaller once, it could just be a scaling/resource issue with the new app (and the proper term for those who tested the software could be duhvelopers). 

Jobowe Star

"Soon"?  It's been 6 days now...  Some "Security" system we have here...  I hope it's "Sooner" than the "fixes" for all of the other issues we've had with updates over the last 6 months.

gtwtodd Initiate
iPhone XS Max - The Arlo app keeps crashing my phone.. How do I fix this?
duckson Apprentice

There is an app update released today that fixes this problem apparently...

Dtnr8b Apprentice
Arlo app still not woking with samsung galaxy j3. Downloaded oct version and it works ok
peteone Aspirant
OMSA83 Aspirant

 This is fixed in the latest update that came out on the 26th.