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Arlo Pro how do I receive email alerts for shared account?

Just got my 4 camera Arlo Pro and set it up. I want to share alerts with my wife's phone and email.  She set up an account and gets push notifications.  What a pain to have to be logged in to get notifications but....  But, there still is a problem I can't seem to find an answer to.  When I get a push notification I also get an Email to my primary Email account.  She has a different Email account on GMail.  We set up her account with that Email yet even when logged in she does not get an Email to her GMail Email address only the push.  I just tested and I also see I get no Email if not logged in.  But when logged in I get both.  She only gets the push when logged in.  Is there a simple answer to this.  I'm sure I'm missing something in the setup of her account.

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Arlo Pro - Going Back

Wow, after 2 hours with a tech got it up and running, sort of. Tested the system. Unreliable 2 way communication, garbled, delayed as much as 20 seconds, mostly one way, never 2 way. When the camera activates by motion and you switch to "live" the audio and the video delay increases to near 30 seconds. LOL, my wife was in the house talking to me while she was still on the "live" feed saying, "can you here me now?" This system is going back to Best Buy tomorrow. If I depended on it for security I'd be dead from an intruder before the "live feed" even finished playing on my phone.

Support, don't bother answering. I've uninstalled the app, packaged the system back up and gave up. Nothing you could do or say could resolve all the problems with this thing. Should have read snd believed all the negative reviews more carefully. They are full of these very problems. Thank God the store has a good return policy. Shame on you Netgear.
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Re: Arlo Pro - Going Back

@lapriester wrote:
 If I depended on it for security.....


If you were looking for a security system then you're right to return......... A camera system by itself is not a full fledged security system. I don't care what Arlo, Ring, Blink, or any of the others try to sell you. Cameras alone are not a security system. Take the money you get after the return and invest in a real security system that is monitored by a thrid party monitoring company, like Simplisafe or ADT. They both other cameras in their systems. I have simplisafe but didn't get their cameras because they also have a "smart" feature that only detects people. I don't want that. I need my cameras to detect animals (pets) as well as people.

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