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Is There A Privacy function i can Set Up?

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Hi... can anyone help me figure out how to set the privacy function on a Arlo pro app so I can block out areas of the camera so I’m not intruding on other people’s privacy.. I can’t seem to find it on the arlo app and just wondering if you have to sign up to a subscription in order to use it?

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The only "privacy" function I'm aware of is in SETTINGS/camera then on-off.


When the camera is OFF, only the primary account holder can turn it back on... this stops any Shared users from accessing that camera.

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There's 2 possiblities of what your referring to.


First, in the arlo app, if you go into each cameras settings (not the app settings, camera settings), tap on Video Settings. In there you can zoom the camera in so it only looks at specific areas.


Second is Arlo Smart. It allows you to setup activity zones which allow you to tell the camera to only detect motion from your specific defined area, and you can set it to only detect people. It is a pay subscription plan. How well it actually works is up for discussion as some have rteported it simple doesn't work that well, while others like it.