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Geofencing Does Not Turn Off When I Get Home

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Rockland Follower

I have my unit set for Geofencing. The unit does go on, but when I return home, I am still getting notifications that there is movement in the house. My phone is innodated with messages about the activity when it should be turned off.  And of course, this all happens after the three months of customer support runs out. (Hey Netgear, it is not a router that is under $100!). As an FYI I am using an Android (Samsung S6) and not an iPhone. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!



JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager

Engineering is currently aware of and investigating an issue with Geofencing that is affecting some users. I will provide an update as soon as I have more information.



VegasBorn Aspirant

I am also having the same issue. It will not turn on or off if I have Geofencing set. I have to manually set it to Alarm and Disarm all the time. Extremely frustrating.

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pc2k17 Hero

I have geofencing features on SmartThings and Arlo. Neither work very well at all, so it's not just Arlo. Geofencing relies on cell tower triangulation to determine your location, usually using 3 towers if available. In the city, probably not a problem, but if you live in the country like me, good luck having multiple towers close enough to determine your location. It's a flawed concept, that should use GPS to determine location instead of cell towers.


What I did, since I also have SmartThings, is buy a SmartThings arrival sensor. Then using a SmartThings smart app called Arlo Pilot, along with the Arlo SmartThings integration, I am now able to turn cameras on/off and change Arlo modes automatically. The arrival sensor knows within 30 seconds when I leave and when I return and changes my modes and turns camera off/on automatically. It works flawlessly. SmartThings might be something to consider.