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How to Add Activity Zone to a Custom Mode?

I've read the articles on this forum where Activity Zones are not working, and the "possible" solution being to create a Custom Mode, different than the standard "Armed" mode.
My problem is, when I go to Add Mode and through all the settings, I can't find where to select the Activity Zones that I created?



Can someone step me through this?
I do have a Smart Premier account.
Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: How to Add Activity Zone to a Custom Mode?

It appears that the ability to choose which zones are active in a mode has been removed. Right now, if you have zones defined, they're all used.

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Re: How to Add Activity Zone to a Custom Mode?

Appears that way, but why wouldn't they 1) proactively inform customers of the feature removal, 2) place a notice on the configuration pages that it's not available anymore, and 3) remove (or disable) the Activity Zone feature as well?
Seems they need a better Customer Experience team to help make these decisions...
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