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How low should I let Arlo Pro battery % get before recharging for best battery life?

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rkj001 Follower

I assume it is best to let Arlo Pro battery % to get down below a certain level before recharging in order to maximize the life of the battery?  What level is recommended?  Something like 10%?

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brh Master


Letting the battery go too low might cause problems. I would recharge it at 20%.



Guru TomMac Guru

I wait till the warning messg, and then get to it asap...

Usu it's about 15% or so ... not really an issue with li-ion cells but if it drains completely you may have to resync

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pc2k17 Hero

Just too add.... I let mine go down to single digits before with no issues, 2% one time actually, but like @TomMac said, usually once I get the notification and email that the battery is at 15% I usually charge it that day or the next. I just starting charging one now, gave me the 15% last night, was at 12% now when charging started.