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Re: How do I turn the Arlo Pro base station siren on or off?

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macjohn Guide

I understand that pressing the "alarm" button in the Arlo App will trigger the siren, but if I don't really want the 100 db siren I need to create a mode? or rule ?to lessen the do I do that specifically for the base station when the base station is in an active mode ?

Thank you

Guru jguerdat Guru

The siren is on or off. No volume setting.

throwaway-bye Aspirant
In the Mode>Rules you can set Siren to on/off based on motion/audio detection. When you click a check box to turn the siren on, there is an arrow on the right. Click on that and you can set Siren volume.
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



For more information on how to control the Arlo Pro Siren take a look at these articles:


How do I turn the Arlo Pro base station siren on or off?

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macjohn Guide

Thank you for your reply...

I think I understand that I cannot modify the siren volume unless I have a mode on one of the cameras activated to trigger the siren.. I was looking for

a way to trigger the siren from the app while I am away from home, but not by having a camera trigger do it. If I set up a mode on a camera to trigger the siren on motion, for example, and then modify the volume, would that volume setting carrry over to the main alarm trigger in the app if I subsequently

deleted that camera mode ?

If not, I think maybe that a volume setting on the main alarm trigger in the app would be a good software update if it's possible..

Thanks for all your input...

Guru jguerdat Guru

To turn the siren on manually, use the app or browser and use the button on the Devices tab labelled Pro and Turn Siren On.  Once on, the button becomes red and you have the ability to turn it off.


Interestingly, I just tried it to verify operation and the siren never turned on.  Hmmm...


Edit:  The restart button in Settings didn't do anything, either.  Power cycled the base and all's fine now.

BossGhost Aspirant
Cycling power reset the alarm. All is well with Arlo.