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Re: Have one camera system but trouble with promo

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So let me tell a story about my first and still ongoing ordeal with Arlo customer support.
Had a one camera system with arlo for some time,
Received my next set of cameras and new system Aug 31.
On Aug 31 Clicked a promo link in my email for 50% off smart monitoring, but received an error that I didn’t have access or something similar.
On August 31st, called arlo support to help me get the promo.
They said I had to send a screenshot in to the customer service. Did while on phone. Rep said I had to wait for a callback...
No attempt at communication for several days, so I asked for an update on sept 4, and sept 8. No answers or response at all.
Got a survey sometime in there - responded that issue was not resolved.

Finally on September 13th, I receive an email stating they got my screenshot. 2 weeks to get a screenshot and no one ever responds. The email said to call back in. (Of course the email has no phone number in it)
I call in and wait for 45 mins in queue. When the rep answers, I provided my case number: 41086138

That call went as you expect, try different browser etc. no need to recap more than that but the entire call was 85 minutes. At the end I was told that I have to wait for a callback again and would get one in 24 hours. We’ll see.

For tl;dr
So arlo needs to fix their support process. The People are nice and try to help people, but arlo does not empower them at all to actually solve issues.

Secondly, this was their link they sent me directly, how is this even a problem.

Lastly - I have a duration currently of 14days into this case, and probably at least four hours of my effort just to get a subscription for proprietary hardware/app.
My time actually is valuable (and to my son priceless), I shouldn’t spend this time doing this but also want safety.

Arlo what are you doing?

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera

1 hour left on your 24hrs, Arlo.


And..... nothing.

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hey Lut1880,


Sorry to hear the experience you're having with the support team. Let me reach out to you via private message to gather more information from you.